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Our products are ideal for hotels, restaurants and catering companies. Their high quality and guaranteed composition makes them an excellent foundation or addition to your menu.
We offer a wide variety of baguettes and petit pains that will satisfy the most demanding tastes of your customers.
Kaiser rolls and petit pains of seeds are available in different varieties for your convenience, excellent as dobavaka to salads and main dishes.
For lovers of Mediterranean cuisine offering baguettes with green olives , bread baked on charcoal with wild herbs , and Mediterranean chebata baked in a stone oven.
There is nothing better than fresh croissant izprcheni combined with coffee for breakfast to your guests. Browse our selection of these snacks here and make your choice.
We have a wide selection of sweet dishes - chocolate mini donuts, donuts with cream, the best German cake with fruit filling and a variety of fruity and tart with chocolate topping.